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Sherborne Talent Solutions has been delivering exceptional professional services to job seekers and employers since 2021. Our extensive experience has taught us that staffing is not just a numbers game, but a relationship-building business. We understand the importance of listening, guiding, and matching the right talent with the right opportunities.

Our team of dedicated and skilled professionals offers bespoke staffing solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. We partner with leading organisations and businesses, and our reputation as staffing experts precedes us.

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, we would love to connect with you. Contact us today to schedule a personalised meeting and take the first step toward achieving your goals.

Our Team

Kristen, the Founder and CEO of our organisation, brings with her an exceptional career spanning 12 years. With a decade of her professional journey spent as Senior Account Director at Monarch IT, Kristen has established herself as a distinguished leader in the industry. Her focus on leadership, I.T, Sales, and Marketing roles has been instrumental in driving operational excellence and achieving remarkable outcomes. As the visionary Founder and CEO of our organisation, Kristen's expertise and strategic mindset continue to shape our success. Her extensive experience, coupled with her strong leadership abilities, make her an invaluable partner for organisations seeking growth, innovation, and lasting impact. Collaborate with Kristen to unlock new possibilities and elevate your business to unprecedented heights.

Kristen Furse,

Founder & CEO

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business professional picture of Kristen furse who is the founder of Sherborne Talent Solutions

Our Impact

"Kristen is one hell of a recruiter. I had decided to go off grid for about a year whilst I crossed the Amazon. I was ignoring emails, especially anything to do with jobs because I had saved up, put all my affairs in order and was embarking on another one of my trips of a lifetime. Or so I thought. Kristen tracked me down as I was crossing the border between Ecuador and Peru in some tiny order town. She then convinced me to take the call about the role, which I really liked and hey presto, four weeks later I was on a flight back to London about to work for one of the big four. You will be very lucky to have her on your side."

Greg Staunton

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